Terms & Conditions

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  1. Documents needful to rent a car: driving licence, passport or identity card and credit card or cash.
  2. The rent shall start and end at the stations, places or addresses specified in the agreement
  3. The rented car may be driven only by drivers named in the agreement and accordingly with an statutory rules for the use of the rented car.
  4. The Renter must not in particular: actively engage in motor sports events, travel abroad without the written approval of the GE-CAR.
  5. The Renter undertakes to return the vehicle with registration card, keys and other accessories in the same condition as when received.
  6. The rental fee consists of: insurance, unlimited mileage in Poland, breakdown service, oil.
  7. We don't reserve specific model but only car size.
  8. All vehicles are insured against third part liability by a third party insurance policy (CDWTW)
  9. Insurance does not cover any damages of the vehicle in case: of driving under the influence of alcohol, the driver runs away from the place of an accident.
  10. In case of damage or theft the Renter shall be held financially liable in the amount of own share, which depends on car group (2000pln-10000pln).
  11. In every case of an accident the Renter shall forthwith notify the GE-CAR and the police.
  12. During the rental term, the Renter shall regularly check the oil, water and the tire pressure.
  13. Cost for the missing fuel is 2Euro/ 1 litre.
  14. Out of hours fee is 25Euro.
  15. Exceeding the term of renting the car for over 2 hours causes counting the amount of an additional day.
  16. Navigation (GPS) charge is 5Euro/1 day.
  17. Any excess of the agreed rental terms entitle the GE-CAR to take possession of the car and to charge for the additional use of the car.
  18. The Renter accept that the invoice does not carry his/her signature.